Markets Slip But Ethereum Stays Strong

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I Still firmly believe that Ethereum is going to be a heavy hitter rolling into 2020. Bitcoin is nice but lets me honest there has been no updates and no development on it and use cases are rather limited.

Ethereum on the other hand has so many things going for it.

  1. A robust development team
  2. Thousands of dapps and more coming
  3. Largest market cap other then bitcoin by a large amount.

Ethereum will also be moving to POS and will be able to handle more transactions then ever before.

The numbers...
75Million Addresses
2.597 dApps
Over 23 Million $ locked up in stable coins via tokens for Ethereum

If those key points don't trigger a bullish trend for you coming into 2020 then I am not sure anything will.

It seems as though markets feel the same.

Do you feel Ethereum will be the big bull rolling into 2020 ?


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I also agree with Ethereum's potential. I think Bitcoin is still far and away the king because of it's fair distribution and use case, but I love the idea of smart contracts. Definitely a long term holder of ETH

I agree. I got a little sidetracked with some other projects. EOS, IOTA, BAT, NEO took some big chunks of capital. I even did a 100k purchase of .16 how could I not? But now I'm clearly focused on ETH, because the fundamentals don't lie.

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El Ethereum es una criptomoneda fuerte, aunque existe competencia que da mucha batalla con el Ripple, Ahora lo bueno de todo esto es que las cirptomonedas son el futuro.