Beatings of Scale + Quest Rewards.

in spt •  14 days ago 

If I'm not mistaken, I didn't win a single gold or legendary card last season. And in the span of 2 days, I got both. Sweet ! And even more impressive, the cards I've been winning in this season are overrall better.

If this luck persists, I might just win my first ever golden legendary... Pfff, Who am I even trying to kid here? 😂

Anyways, back to my battle geniusness. I have a story to sell, Grab a cold one, preferably a Guiness for rhyming purposes, and now that you're set, let's get down to it.

Yesterday, I got assigned the death splinter, needless to say I shorted that quest. I mean, I am at my peak when using the death splinter after all. And as they say, FOMO the peak, get rekt.

The splinterlands agreed with me so much in fact, they rewarded me with a freakin legendary!:


For the day before, can't remember which splinter I used. Smh, but these were my winnings:


Today was Earth day. No not the festival you hooligan, although I personally wouldn't mind a few cold ones right now. The heat here has just been unforgiving the last 2 days.

So yeah, today was Earth day. I started my quest by decimating my competition. I climbed from the 2100s to the 2300s in what seemed like an instant but then, I started epically losing. Right when I was left with only 2 quest games. Bullocks.

Karma, suddenly the beatings of scale I had been inflicting early on, came back to hunt me... With interest!😭

Si ngye wahera, I was thrilled when that quest ended.

Today's winnings:



My SM Ref:



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