Opened Two Orb PACKS And End Season Reward !!!!

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Hey Every one,

I wasn't playing steemmonster for a while, as I was busy in daily life. Yesterday I got some time free time and decided to play Steemmonster. This was the last day of the season and I had left some hours.

I missed the last two seasons and my ranking was very much down the line and I was in novice league :D I played for almost 3 hours and manage to reach Silver 1.

My daily Quiz was also pending. I complete it But got some shit reward and the picture is attached below.

daily quiz.png

The total Reward from the Quiz was worth 0.012 :P The only thing that was satisfying from this was one legendary potion.

After Completing my daily quiz I went to sleep, and in the morning I claimed my Season Reward and i luckily got 1 orb pack and some random cards.

The season Reward was not actually that bad, with one orb pack i also got one card with the name Fallen Specter and it is worth over a $.

season 1.png

season 2.png

I had One orb pack left from the previous reward and decided to open both orb packs as I had some gold and legendary potion left. The cards and reward I
orb 1.png

orb 2.png
got from the Orb packs are given below.

So, It was not a bad last season from me. I got almost 3 $ worth cards.

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