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Global Blacklist API Proposal

in sps •  28 days ago  (edited)

If it was centralized, there would be only one blacklist.

A blacklist doesn't prevent someone from posting and earning. It is a warning sign that someone is a bad actor.

There is no police or law on Steem, so it is up to the community to police itself. Most people are unable to and don't want to put the effort in to prevent spam, abuse, harassment, plagiarism, and scams.

Some of us go out of our way and put a lot of time trying to keep the community clean and safe.

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Yeah, (sighs) I understand your motivation. I think you're, most likely, a good person with good intentions. I just wish there was another you said, there is no police or law in steem.

This is as good as it gets for now. And I pray you be a good and wise king, lol :-)

The blacklist doesn't change or enforce anything. It is a warning system. The reason I built the API to support multiple blacklists is to give choice and more decentralization to support multiple opinions.

There is a ridiculous amount of work that goes into this behind the scenes to research and identify abuse.