Pogba's summer move: a battle between Juventus and Real Madrid

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The Frenchman has made it known that he desires to leave the red devils camp in the summer. This is according to reports coming from AS. The player's agent is reportedly already looking for a new club for the midfielder.

Pogba had tried to force his way out of Old Trafford in the past but couldn't because the board thought he was too important. Instead, they sacked Jose Mourinho, who was the major reason for the player's discontent.

Now, it seems Pogba's mind is already made up and two clubs a already showing interest.

Juventus is said to be readying their money in order to get the player they let go few years ago back to the Bianconeri. Real Madrid, meanwhile, are thinking of having Pogba come into the squad to replace the aging Luka Modric.

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he is not a United player.

I think it's about the fame and money for him.