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Juventus Vs Frosinone Review

in sprtshub •  5 months ago 

Hey @deadman1 :)

Have tried connecting with you on discord but could not find you. Are you active there at all? I wanted to thank you for supporting my @steemitbloggers community in the last dpoll - we really appreciated ALL the amazing support from EVERYONE that rallied around us and wanted to know if we could count on you in the current 20k dpoll! yeah.... we are stressing ourselves to max capacity YET AGAIN! haha :)

Give me a shout if you are keen to support.

And like I said - sorry for contacting you here on your post, but did not see you on discord. (gave you a couple of upvotes (not that they are worth much right now lol) to compensate for annoying you on your comments ;) )

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Am not on discord, i will vote for you.... Can you share me the link here

@deadman1 WOOHOOO!!!!! You are SUCH A ROCKSTAR!!!! Thank you!!!! Here is the link!

And if you have any allies as AWESOME as you are, that are willing to support us too - that would be BRILLIANT!!! We need ALL the help we can get to ensure we can stay in the lead!

A thousand thank you's!!!!!!!!!