Hazards Hinds that Chelsea will fight for the Top Four Position in the League

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Chelsea Star Eden Hazard has hinted on the team’s willingness to take up the challenge to fight for a top four finish in the premier league. Hazard stated an obvious fact that the challenge for the top four will be a very hard war but said that they will fight for it nonetheless. Sundays match against Fulham away from home was a very difficult one for the blues but they were able to manage a 2-1 victory. Chelsea also won their previous match against Tottenham Hotspur before facing Fulham.

Saturday’s victory was a hard earned three points for Chelsea but one that is important to keep Chelsea’s top four finish alive. Gonzalo Higuain gave Chelsea the lead before Fulham equalized with a goal from Calcum Chambers. Jorginho once again gave Chelsea the lead 4-minutes before time.

Chelsea currently sits in the 6th place in the league table just a point away from Arsenal who are 5th on the table and two points away from Manchester United who are 4th on the table. Arsenal drew Spurs on Saturday as they were unseated from their 4th-place position by United who beat Southampton. Chelsea currently have an outstanding game and Hazard believes that his side came try to maximize all point from the remaining eleven premier league fixtures.

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