NZ v India . Confidence booster for Indian team to win world cup ?

in sprtshub •  16 days ago

Except for the 4th ODI in which NZ crushed Indians ( few main players were not playing for Indian team ) , all other ODIs Indian team won easily .

NZ played poorly or it's just Indian team playing well ?
My say is that , mix of both . It wasn't like Indian team was undefeatable , NZ just didn't up their game when required

Indians will go on to win world cup ?
Certainly the confidence in the team is high , they were undefeated against Aussies in all three formats and now they won 4-1 against NZ , the scenario of World cup might be different but I think Indians are red hot favorites

Who according to me will give a tough competition to Indians
England , although they are playing poorly against WI in test , I still believe they are the ones

Thanks for reading.

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