NBA Sportsbetting Pick 1/16/2018 - Celtics vs Pelicans

That was a sweat yesterday but Kings managed to cover! Hope to get a streak going again. My play today is Celtics -5. Crazy movement in the crypto market today, trying to get my mind off it by enjoying some basketball tonight

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How to pick a sportsbook

Please bet responsibly and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Seek help if you are having problems controlling your gambling. Always do your due diligence, don't just blindly tail my picks if you disagree with them. Leave a comment with any comments, questions, or suggestions. Thanks!


Ugh... My Celtics let you down...

I'm going to have to find out what happened in the crypto market that you referenced. I really don't follow it closely. lol

haha are you invested in crypto? I kind of assumed that everyone on this site was invested

I am invested in crypto to a small degree, but mostly Steem. I don't follow the day to day too closely (obviously) as I am focused on the long term. With that said, what goes up must come down. These are the natural fluctuations of the market...

Yea I totally agree. I wasn't too panicked, and it felt like the overall sentiment on Steem was the same. Steem is definitely a good investment :)

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