Broncos to take it to the Colts (SportSteem NFL)

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Hooo boy this probably won't be a pretty game between two teams that are anything but elite.

I like Jacoby Brissett and think the Colts offense will gel at some point (probably when they had some more pieces to it...) but the Broncos defense is/should be far better than the Colts defense so while neither team will be able to score much on offense (Broncos offense is typically ANEMIC), I think the Broncos D will show up in primetime tonight.

I'm picking the Broncos to win this, but I don't think they have a huge edge here.


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Wish NFL would have chosen a game with better teams for Thursday. Feels like a preseason game that doesn't mean anything.

Agreed 100% BUT I also don't see how they could ever flex something into Thursday considering the current rumblings for one Thursday game a year from players re: injury and tough to prep for a well executed game plan. Oh well!

I also went for it, has been offering 2.0 up to a certain amount for the first 10 days of their site opening so I jumped all over it. Even though it was somewhat of a toss up couldn't say no to 2x on the Broncos winning it.

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