The value of the fan in the modern game - Enhanced Bundesliga Odds

You can learn a lot about both individuals and nations approach to crisis management these days. Us Brits have decided to fight coronavirus by sitting back and watching what other countries do successfully and then trying to do the same. The unfortunate consequence of such a "plan" is the time delay it causes - you can't rely on hindsight when events are unfolding in front of your very eyes!

But perhaps at least with football, the Premier League's delayed return might help the authorities here learn from the issues that the Bundesliga is suffering from, namely the sterile atmosphere inside the stadiums. Yes, I hear you say, it's meant to be sterile that's the whole point but in a sporting world that is dominated by TV revenue and endorsements one of the many silver linings that the pandemic has helped to highlight is the value of fans to a club or indeed an entire league's brand.

I read an article a couple of years back that showed that several Premier League clubs no longer required revenue from ticket sales at home matches to survive. In fact, playing down the local recreation ground, foregoing the costs of maintaining a stadium and instead selling it to property developers would probably be a fantastic windfall for clubs like Bournemouth.

Even where clubs like Arsenal and Spurs were making significant sums from gate receipts, plenty of supporters would point out that a large amount of that was from the overpriced corporate hospitality packages their super stadiums are now geared to provide. While the facilities at those grounds are on a par with a modern theme park the one thing it appears that engineers and marketing consultants can't provide is a great atmosphere - that can only be generated by the fans!

In recent years the Bundesliga has got this balance right, with even the biggest clubs offering affordable tickets to their faithful supporters and cultivating atmospheres that are revered across the world. The loss of those atmospheres is a major blow to the league but as with their response to the coronavirus in general, the Germans seem in a good place to bounce back with a system that puts fan experience at the heart of what clubs are trying to achieve. Can the Premier League say the same?

The coronavirus will offer a chance for many failing aspects of society to be revisited and if and when we do see the Premier League return to our screens with the now-familiar echoing stadiums perhaps it will prompt a reevaluation of the worth of the fan within the modern game.

Anyway, the one the thing the Bundesliga has managed to maintain is goals! Today's enhanced odds will give you the chance to bet on this being another high scoring round

Borussia Monchengladbach vs Leverkusen, over 3.5 goals - 2.42

Freiburg v Werder Bremen, over 2.5 goals - 1.88

Paderborn vs Hoffenheim, over 2.5 goals - 1.65

Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund, over 3.5 goals - 2.65

Bayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt, over 3.5 goals - 1.78

All odds 5% better than other bookies

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