Handball, a comprehensive sport combining football, rugby and basketball/一种结合了足球橄榄球篮球的综合性运动——手球运动

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Today, when I was browsing the website, I found a sport I had never heard of. It is a kind of ball sport that combines football, rugby and basketball - handball.

Handball combines goals and goalkeepers in football and rugby. It can only pass the ball by hand, not kick the ball by foot. In terms of rules, it synthesizes the rules of basketball.

In the game, players need to run three steps if they pass the ball, which is the same as the rules of basketball.

Handball is a sport invented for women. It was invented by a sports teacher in Berlin in 1917. At that time, football and rugby were popular. At that time, these two kinds of sports were too masculine and not suitable for women, so handball for women appeared.

When handball came into being, the rules were simple: no kicking, no hand passing, no body contact and collision between players, feminine grace, and no passing until the opponent stopped.

By 1919, through the improvement of another sports teacher in Berlin, handball began to incorporate the rules of basketball. At this time, the body can be touched and it needs to run three runs before passing.

Handball began to spread to all countries in the world after the German World Championships in 1925. Handball also appeared in the later Olympic Games. Handball can be described in two words: fast and exciting.

Handball game time is 60 minutes, divided into two stages, each 30 minutes, the halftime rest time is 10 minutes, each half, each team has a suspension opportunity. If the two sides draw after the whole match, they will play extra time to decide whether to win or lose.

The extra-time game consists of five minutes in each game and one minute in the middle. If the first overtime match is still not over, take a five-minute break for the second overtime match. The match time is also two and five minutes, and the interval time is one minute.

If two overtime matches are tied, the penalty kick will be used to decide the winner or loser.

Today I am very glad to know a kind of sports, the world is big, sports are also very many, there are many sports we need to discover, to understand.

Love life, love sports.


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