Atletico Madrid Vs Eibar Match Result

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Atletico Madrid 3 - 2 Eibar

Charles scored the first goal for Eiber in the first half. The goal was only 7 minutes after the start of the game. And Eiber advances 0-1. A. Arbilla scored the second goal in the 19th minute for Eibar. And put the team ahead 0-2. J. Felix scored the first goal in 27 minutes for Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid 1 - 2 Eibar by the outcome of the match after the first half game.

Vitolo scored the second goal for Atletico Madrid in the 52th minute of the second half. And brought the game back to par 2-2. At the very last minute of the game, Atletico Madrid scored the third goal for T. Partey. And by the end of the game the result of the match by Atletico Madrid 3 - 2 Eibar.

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Today's match was fantastic.

Congratulation Atletico Madrid to win this match.

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Atletico Madrid is showing their dominance in the Spanish league with their impressive performance so far, they are really a strong team with alot of talented and skillful players