Will Liverpool Go Unbeaten This Season?

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Liverpool have a very chance to clinch the Premier League title this season given their consistent performance. They are currently 8 points ahead of their rival, Leicester City and 14 points ahead of Manchester City

Liverpool have been maintaining their unbeaten record since the beginning of the season by winning fifteen of their last sixteen matches in the Premier League games. With the combination of ruthless forward like Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, Liverpool has been disgracing both top and bottom teams.

They seem to have taken the baton from City as the most dreaded team in EPL. We saw how they humiliated the almighty City in their last clash


Their form so far suggest that they could end this season with an unbeaten record.

Do you think they can maintain it till the end of the season?


No doubt, Liverpool is really hot right now. This is the golden chance they have to lift the league trophy this season, but it might still be too early to predict if the season can end unbeaten for them, since we've not even gotten to mid season yet. I really hope they can achieve a whole season unbeaten in the league though. It will be a massive celebration.

They are definitely going to lift the trophy this time. The only team that can give some challenge in Leicester city in the tournament.
Liverpool has already defeated team Leicester in October, but with 8 winning streaks, Leicester has the momentum and anything can happen.

But still I hope that Liverpool is going to win at the end.

I hope Liverpool will win and will not be defeated this season?

Liverpool has performed really well in premier league, also in champions league. Sodio Mane along with Salah are dominating each and every opponents. Its the team work along with the strategy of Kloop doing the task.

@tosyne2much , hopefully they will be unbeaten this time and win their maiden Premier league title in May next year.