Referee Causes Chaos After Using Fake VAR To Award Penalty (Photos)

in sportstalk •  16 days ago  (edited)


Just when you think you've seen the most thing in football another one shows up

A referee in South American league was said to have awarded a controversial penalty using VAR, despite the technology not being available in the league. According to the news, the referee consulted the forth official and awarded a penalty using VAR gesture as an explanation for the decision 🤣

I still haven't gotten a glimpse of what really happened but isn't it bemusing at a referee will award a penalty through VAR gesture despite not yet implemented in the league



Maybe the ref was either way ahead of his time technology-wise to have deployed a technology that was unavailable in the said stadium.

Outrage from Bolivar's players then
forced riot police to intervene on the pitch and defuse the situation.


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