What's wrong with Mesut Ozil at Arsenal

in sportstalk •  16 days ago 

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Mesut Ozil is indeed a great player we know but this season he has difficulty strengthening Arsenal for several reasons and at the moment he only has 71 minutes played

Such a situation indeed raises many question marks, not only from fans but also from several football observers, one of which is a concern of football analysis from the sun named Charlie Wyeet

he mentioned that the treatment received by Mesut Ozil was very unacceptable because from here it greatly influenced Psychology and he could have hung his shoes up after an incident like this

His current manager at Arsenal, Unai Emery, immediately stated that it was not him who did not give Mesut Ozil permission to play, but the Club as well and that meant that the Club and the coach had agreed not to play Mesut Ozil again.

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