NFL facilities permitted to reopen in very limited capacity

The announcement was made Friday by Commissioner Roger Goodell that training facilities are allowed to reopen for NFL teams provided it is ok'd by local and state governments. This doesn't mean "business as usual" but it is a step in the right direction if you are like me and you would like to see some sports happening.


The coaches and most of the players are still not allowed to attend the facilities (for now) and it will be limited only to players that are deemed to need some sort of medical treatment or rehabilitation. No more than 50 percent of the staff or 75 people (whichever is lower) are allowed on site at any particular point in time. Distancing regulations as well as increased sanitation will also be required.

While this might seem like a very small step, I think it is more of a political move than anything else - because once this goes on without mistakes (fingers crossed on that one,) gradually more and more members of the staff and teams, including players and coaches will be allowed to train as well. This is merely a stepping stone.

All NFL facilities were ordered shut on March 25th, when the covid situation in the United States really started to get out of control.

Goodell announced that teams can expect increased amounts of reopening as early as the start of next month. A prospective "reevaluation date" of May 29th was announced at the presser on Friday.

While reading about this I realized that I don't actually know a great deal about Goodell so I did a little digging and found out that he is the highest paid sports executive in the world. He recently renegotiated his contract to include an additional $10 million a year and his own private jet that he gets to use for LIFE - even after he no longer works for the NFL. He also negotiated free health insurance for himself and his family... FOR LIFE..

At $50 million a year, he makes more money than all of the players and coaches that he oversees. It is good to be the top dog at the NFL!