Don't sell SPORTS! You have a better option! Burn and get more!

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I was watching the market at Steem Engine and saw the price falling. First, I am not concerned about the price falling. The price is always defined by the market with a lot of factors we can't identify and quantify. In addition, I don't like the concept of market manipulation. Therefore, this price action we are watching right now is very natural and normal.

However, we have a better option than selling SPORTS. I wrote about using @sportsvoter a few days ago.

You send SPORTS to @sportsvoter and you will get STEEM, SP, and SBD. Plus, you could have 20% more than the market price of SPORTS since the max ROI is set 20% and there are a lot of slots left for you now. It is because not many people are using @sportsvoter. I don't know why.

By using @sportsvoter you can have more benefits and we can burn 95% of SPORTS that are sent to @sportsvoter. It is a fantastic deal!

Before you sell SPORTS, think about using @sportsvoter. It is a wise option for you and for this community all.

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I just stake all the sorts tokens I get and when the price goes down I buy some more.

Yeah. I also think it is a good buying opportunity, too. :)

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Great info, I informed also my community about this. It's super important in my eyes.

Cool! Buddy!

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Hi! Thanks for this, I'm looking forward to use this services! Just a bit sad that 20% of the reward pool will be given to delegators. Though I understand that the bids will be burned, which is a pretty good thing.

Good idea !

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Bought my First SPORTS at STEEM-ENGINE
I am Looking Farword to Buy MORE and MORE

Sorry, i can't find the voter at

Is it down at the moment ?

You have a good point. I wouldn't know where to find it and had a look and can't seem to see it either. If we can't find it then are we blind or just useless lol.


use the filter setting which I highlighted here. Then you will see @sportsvoters.
After this post, a lot of people are coming to bid. Good!

I hope people utilize the sportsvoter opportunity rather than just crashing the market

After this post, many are using it right now!

I agree with you. make sports tokens power and we will get more.


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Yes a great way to move on sports tokens.

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What about our sportsvoter delegations? We stand still..

I think the payout being staked everyday to the delegator's account.
That is what I saw.

I didnt see any payout to the delegators account.

You can follow the payouts on to see staking payouts. They won't show under your wallet deposits.

Thank you very much. Great stake every day👌

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Delegations are currently being paid in 100% SPORTS POWER. We have a request in with the developer behind @sportspromo to have it adjusted to 75% SPORTS POWER / 25% SPORTS but until it is it will only be paying out SPORTS POWER. You can follow the daily payouts via Steem Engine Rocks.

가격이 ..ㅜㅜ 지속적으로 소각 중입니다
일단 남은 스팀피로 매수해야겠어요

사실 좀더 떨어지면 사고 싶은 마음도 있었죠. ㅋㅋ
사고 싶은 마음에서는 더 떨어져라... 그런 생각도 들더군요.^^

Good to know, although I don't intend to sell now. Thanks.

True, I'm not worried about the price either. In future Sportstalk will be among the best tribes without a doubt. At the moment I don't think it's "smart" to sell your SPORTS at this price. The ROI I'm getting is giving Power to my stake. When the market is better and SPORTS has a fair price for it then I will think about selling. But now it's stacking. People need to know about this bot. Thanks friend for sharing.

I agree with you. I also need to stake more and more.

I've been picking up small amounts from time to time in order to boost my voting power. I'm not selling anytime soon. This community is going to be HUGE!


that's good!

We need additional token sinks for sports token and that can help to stabilize the price of sports. Sportsvoter is one of the sinks, but we need more for long term stability.

Good Point.

Is it possible to write nitrous site URL ?

주소에 니트로 웹사이트 주소도 되는가 보네요..

될 걸요~^^

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Well i was not intended to sell my Sports, I'm just trying to power up as much as possible!!

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