Be fit Or be Dead #25

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In the previous report,

I combined cycling with exercise for an orbitrec, and yesterday I decided to give up exercising for an orbitrec once, instead I planned a bike trip.

After a few kilometers of riding the asphalt bike path, I decided to turn off the route to ride in the off-road.


Two months ago I was passing this bridge. Then - after the flood - it looked like this.


Yesterday, when I got there, it turned out that the bridge was repaired.


A bit further after the bridge, you drive along the ground, but you can see that the route is being prepared to put asphalt and cobblestones. The bicycle path will be extended - that makes me happy.


I got to the expressway, so I decided to ride along this road along side technical paths.


I have stayed in several places to admire the views. In addition to beautiful views of the horizon, rain was visible.


Fortunately, the sky above my mountain was cloudy but no rain.


So I rode along the road, gently turning to the right to make a loop.


After a few kilometers I headed through the fields towards the home.


I live in a mountain town, where the inhabitants live mainly on tourism, but in the neighboring villages you can still find thriving farms.
Depending on the equipment they own, farmers collect straw in different ways. Wealthier farmers have professional equipment that can form huge bales of straw, and poorer farmers with their tractors, form straw into cubes.


A picturesque gravel road leads through the fields. At the end of it I reached an asphalt road, and then I was close to home.


This is what my route looked like on the map.


In an hour I traveled over 18 kilometers, burned 700 calories. The result is quite similar to exercises for an orbitrec, where I burn about 800 calories per hour.


The gray line is the height above sea level - you can see how at first I drove sharply down, and then slowly climbed up. The red line is a heart rate graph.


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That bridge is suspicious... It looks like they just put glue on it! XD
Nice place there tho! :D

I am trying to have a healthier life both physically and mentally, because I have felt much better these days. I feel more cheerful and energetic, it motivates me to read a little that people also want to be healthier, greetings friend :)

Great pictures. Even better training.
Funny thing about these bridges, in pictures 1 and 5, they look so fancy, so clean underneath. Usually bridges look pretty rough and even dirty from under. I can't imagine how they are on top, then :)

This part of the expressway was put into use in 2015, so it is quite new. That's why it looks so good.

No i pięknie! Ładne widoczki! Chyba apki używasz tej co ja? Zeopoxa kolarstwo? Lubie czytać kto gdzie był po drodze😀

Ja jeżdżę z Endomondo. To uniwersalna aplikacja do wielu aktywności. Gdybym miał więcej czasu, to takich postów byłoby więcej :)

What a great post mate! I hope no one was hurt when the bridge collapsed. Now it is repaired, it still doesn't look safe lol !! It looks very beautiful there.
Going to follow you so I can see your new posts!!

Thank you for the kind words. I try to make my posts interesting, but it takes a long time, which I still lack.

The bridge collapsed during the flood, fortunately no one was standing on it. Now, apparently, it is well welded. People use it, and everything is OK.

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it seems to me that the bike ride is much better !! vast panoramas and beautiful colors, for sure you will not be bored !! well done .-))

I think so too, and I will replace the elliptical cross trainer to bike ride, as long as the weather permits me to ride.

What a lovely bike post!

I am not sure how I feel about that bridge and if I would ever cross it :) It doesn't really look safe to me. It's like it would be waiting to fall down again..

I think I would prefer bike to orbitrek too :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you for visiting me.

Apparently - the bridge is safe now, although I decided not to cross it :)

I leave orbitrec to bad weather. Now the bike rules.