James Harden complained about the blame against him

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James Harden complained about the blame against him.

Harden is currently considered the best offensive in the league. He scored an average of 30 points for the first time in his career, scoring an average of 30.4 points in 2017-18, earning 36.1 points last season and finishing first in the average scoring league for two consecutive years.

Whether that's the biggest weapon is the step-back jumper. His step-back shows with splendid movements have reached an unprecedented level. But often his movements lead to a traveling controversy.

Harden recently shared his opinion. "It's not an issue at this time. If my movements were traveling, the judges would have been fined. If not, it would not be best for them to treble."

He added, "I'm tired of hearing stories from coaches, other players, and people who don't like me."

Harden, meanwhile, is reportedly trying to equip new weapons during the off-season. His new weapon, which is shown in various training videos, is 'one leg three-point shot'. It is a technique that attempts to shoot at a much faster timing than a three-point shot with both legs attached to the ground.

Harden's new season is striving to develop further, starting with the October 25 game against Milwaukee. Much attention is focused on how Harden will play with Russell Westbrook, a new member of the team.