Can LA Lakers be the best defensive team in the new season?

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Lakers bigman Dwight Howard showed confidence. "The Lakers can be the best defensive team in the league," Howard said, according to US SB Nation on the 30th of last month. Howard, who signed for the Lakers this summer, is considered a good defensive player. He has won eight All-Stars, eight All-NBAs and three Defensive Players of the Year.

In addition, superstars LeBron James, Super Big Man Anthony Davis are centered on the team, and Bradley, Danny Green and Queen Cook. If can play properly, they will show good defense.

The Lakers are in need of honor recovery. It is one of the best clubs in the league, but has failed to enter the playoffs for six consecutive seasons. Last season, James was bitter and tasted bitter. James was injured and missed the season. James played only 55 regular league games, and the Lakers rarely filled the ace.

But this summer Lakers brought Davis, Howard, and Green to power the team. Lakers also captured veteran guard Rajon Rondo, who was a free agent.

The Lakers are interested in seeing a new season.


This is the team I will be focusing on the most this season.
Lakers should not put me down.
I am hoping each player fills their role and before you know it
it will be the best story in the NBA.

All the best man! Just hope bronny and Davis didn't get injured.