Today's stage of Tour of Poland neutralized, Lotto-Soudal team mates of deceased Bjorg Lambrecht ride in front as a tribute

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What do you do when something awful like this happens?

Today's stage in the Tour of Poland is shortened and neutralized. Which means, no winner will be declared, and the whole peloton will ride behind the team mates of the yesterday deceased rider Bjorg Lambrecht, as a tribute to him.

It is a very strange thing, that has happened before. I remember in 1995, when Fabio Casartelli crashed and died in one of the corners of the descent of Le Portet d'Aspet. The stage that followed this crash, all team mates of team Motorola, including Lance Armstrong, just rode in front of the peloton the whole day and they finished side by side. This was not planned by the organisation back then, but the riders themselves decided to do this. After all, the result of that stage was erased.

The Motorola cycling team after the death of their team mate Fabio Casartelli in Pau in 1995

The question is, is this what to do after such a horrible accident? I don't know, and I don't think it is up to the supporters or the organisation to decide. It is the riders that have to decide this. After all, they lost a team mate or a colleague. But more, they all are aware of the fact that it could have been them. And that is I think the hardest thing to overcome as a rider. How do you cope with that in the next races. How do you block the thought of possible dying outside of your head? I have no clue, and I am no psychologist, but I am sure it is really though for this guys.

RIP Bjorg,


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I had no idea that a cyclist died yesterday. It kind of is a wake up call to how dangerous the sport really is and the chances these guys take.

Belgium is in some kind of national mourning state at the moment... Weird

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That is really tough and it will be inside the head of each rider, not just his colleagues. It will be really not easy for all of them after this incident.

@pele23, In the world of Sports sometimes we see some events which arises like Unimaginably.

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