Neymar does not show at first practice PSG... Despicable!

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I am just an ordinary person, but respect is one of my key values

Flashback to August 11th of 2017, Paris Saint Germain pays a whopping 222 million Euro to bring Neymar to Paris. Barcelona must let him go at that price, as it is stipulated in his contract.
He will earn over 20 million Euro a year to play for the Club that is owned by the Qatar Sports Investment group. Where the money comes from is not always clear, and some sources say it is money that has a dubious background, but that is not what we are talking about here.

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Brought to win the Champions League

Paris Saint Germain, also "borrowed" Kilian Mbappé from Monaco that year, with an eventual transfer the second year for 180 million Euro. With other stars like Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Edinson Cavani, etc... this could not go wrong for the club and they were destined to win the Champions League.
Luckily, football doesn't work like that. PSG was kicked out by Barcelona after an incredible "remontada" in Camp Nou, in the '17/'18 season and by Manchester United last season.
So, the plan did not really work out. Neymar has personal issues and wants to leave Paris again for Barcelona. But there must be payed again, and that takes some time and effort.

Back in training

Any normal employee, knows that when he has to go to work, he has to go. His employer expects that and pays him or her for that. But Neymar thinks otherwise. The first training session in Paris was yesterday and mister Neymar decided not to show up. Without even giving any notice to his employer.
That is so disrespectful to his employer and the supporters of Paris Saint Germain. But also to every other ordinary working person in the world. It is a bit like spitting in people's face. We, ordinary people, don't have that luxury. Because we don't earn 20 million a year. But respect you can not buy, and believe me, he has lost the respect of lots of people right now! Despicable...



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He is such a wasted talent. He should of stayed at Barcelona in the first place. Taking a week off for his birthday party took the biscuit. Also never played a match on his sisters birthday.

Lol, I didn’t know that last part, that’s just ridiculous...

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It shouldn't come as shock to see Neymar acting in this manner. The way he has behaved both on and off-field throughout his career has often left a lot to be desired. To be quite honest he lost my respect a long time ago .........

Well, I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a while... That’s gone now too!

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And its so hard to gain it back

Interesting transfer. Go PSG from Barcelona. It felt like PSG could score so many goals. The new season will show at what the French club will become.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

What do you mean?

Meaning, Neymar doesn't do what he says.

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Oh, well, I bet his IQ isn’t his best feature...

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I think PSG should cut their losses, they've made their money back on him in Tshirt sales in any case, I would cash in on him now and recoup a pretty penny and also get a toxic personality out of the dressing room

Indeed, but Barcelona would be nuts to take him back...

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I'm not a Neymar hater but I must admit that the guy is very childish sometimes. It's crystal clear he wants out of PSG but he should remain professional 'til the end. That's why the pay them large amounts of money. Cheers bro.