Tottenham vs Aston Villa result: Harry Kane goals sink Premier League newcomers in tight contest

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As Aston villa looked in doubt for a long time, finally Harry Kane broke his drought at the new stadium of Totteham with a late 3 - 1 win

Three games has been played without Kane troubling the scores but He finally put that right two the two goals in four minutes at the Hotspur Tottenham stadium which seal the 3 points.

With a Stunning Goal, NDombele marks debute

Talking about marking his debute, this was a very decent goal.
You might say it wasn't, or feel there will be better goals to come or also say it's not worth Spur signing £53 on him but believe me, His display made a huge difference and also brought quality to the pitch
Totteham was really hindered by lack of signings last term..but the new french midfielder had come to lift up the team.
Villa also got it right in the signing market by getting nine new players with the sum of £140 with there campaign strategy if we really compare it to fulham disastrous campaign in getting new players.

Do you know that 11 players left the Tottenham club last term and it looks like they have been replaced suitably like there was never a change.

Well let's see as the next game for Tottenham and know of my views are right. Stay tuned
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Please don't use the 'creativecoin' tag, especially when you're just stealing images from the internet...

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Oohh really ? Make I just source am sharp sharp.. forgot to do it. Thanks anyways

And stop using the 'creativecoin' tag for this kind of content. You used 'steemleo' as well. How is this SPORTS post creative, and about investing? It's not. You're just spamming tags and got added to my crap list, so I'll be watching. If I see more of this nonsense spam of yours, I'll be downvoting and unfortunately that means you'll be losing more than just CCC and LEO.

You'll earn more if you produce original content and place it in the proper 'tribe'. You'll earn less and get downvoted if you keep spamming. The choice is yours now...

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Hey I understood you clear.. thanks for your swift response.
I also have original content created and wondering if you ever crossed my blog before ?
If no, here is one of my content I think needs some curation.

Just learn which tribes are for what content. It looks like you did fine with that post.

Thanks.. I am coming with a load on content 😋