How I Make Predictions To Football Matches, Players And Trophies At A 55% Success Rate

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During last season's EPL campaign I made a prediction that Liverpool wasn't going to win the EPL title on and I was basically attacked called blind and a hater of beautiful football and that wasn't it, the truth is Liverpool didn't end up winning the league and times again and again I've always been right. About five days ago, I predicted that Liverpool wasn't going to beat United despite the former's blistering form and the later's shambolic start and I think some football fans think I was being myopic, the truth is there is more to watching football game, I was a footballer myself and I played at a decent level and I understand that sometimes sentiment, passion, determination and seriousness trumps over quality

I've predicted some big games in the past and people who are online football betting geeks always wonder how I saw the victory or loss coming, truth is sometimes I believe we should look at a pattern before making Predictions and I'll explain this. I made a correct prediction as to why Liverpool won't win the league and i was authoritative and sure about this. The truth is that we all know that Liverpool can be inconsistent when it matters the most and we can see this over the years the Steven Gerrard slip the 11-point loss that made Man City win the league three seasons ago and the whole of other factors like injuries coming into play, not having compact replacement for the likes of Sadio Mane and then not being able to handle pressure quite well all this supposedly would come into play when making predictions as to who would win something huge as the EPL title and then there's the analysis of the better quality.

Like it or not Manchester City had a more compact team and seeing that they were much more trustworthy when it comes to delivering the goods this are basically the things that made me predict that Manchester City will eventually win the league even if it seemed at that time that Liverpool were talking with 8 points, and they basically did. Next Thing is the issue of mentality the reason why I felt Liverpool wasn't even going to beat Manchester United was that ole Gunnar solskjaer was going to prove a point haven't been battered by the smaller teams and having issues with creativity if Ole had lost to Liverpool he knew it would have been the end for him and that was why the Liverpool game was a ride or die sometimes it's not every time that quality wins sometimes it depends on who really wants to win it at all cost and in this case Manchester United wanted to win it more because they had to redeem themselves after such a shambolic display in this current campaign and I knew that even if they couldn't win then Liverpool wouldn't win then it will basically amount to a draw.

History shouldn't be ignored in this situation as well. it is always true that history and record meant to be replaced or trauncated somethings we watch in football games sometimes repeats itself more than it gets broken. When making predictions sometimes always follow your gut other than logic, that's that sixth sense asking you to daring and this is the reason why most online betters have lost a ton of money as a result of going for logic when they could've analysed the situation and see which of logic or sentiment works better. sometimes you see a season where logic seems to triumph but in this current EPL campaign logic doesn't seem to triumph if not you wouldn't see things as Man City faltering in some certain cases and Tottenham playing as if they would go to relegation this season and of course the issue with Manchester United and Arsenal showing that they might not even qualify for the Super League talk less of being in the top 4. Sometimes it actually bites back but when you study pattern and study history and take note of the mentality when making prediction it helps you to understand that sometimes logic doesn't really triumph in all cases and that's for the prediction of last season I looked at situation with the two competing teams and I just knew that Liverpool didn't have it although they ended up winning the Champions League which is unexpected but of course the EPL is much more competitive if you ask me.

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Prediction and especially in the EPL is just very difficult on any day and you don't know when the "small team" can show up a cause an upset to any of the top 6 teams.

What do you think of this season so far? Do you think Liverpool can win the league come May or City ?

I should probably ask you for predictions so I can bet 😀

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Thanks a lot buddy. In my opinion currently they're both at 50/50 one will know when it's December, by then things like consistency would've been tested.

True, I'm a Chelsea fan with no pressure on Lampard to win the league now or next season but I really wish Liverpool wins it this season, I won't enjoy the EPL if City wins it season after season

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I think the EPL might slowly be becoming the la Liga as well if these two clubs keep competing only for the tilte

I think a lot of it boils down to luck as well. Mentality has lots to do with it I agree and the depth of the squad. I just don't like United ans maybe it was more wishful thinking that they got a hiding. Still good though as it keeps Ole in the job for longer and they will possibly slip some more now.

Damn straight, luck plays a huge role altogether and sometimes it might not even Pan out the way we want. Thanks a whole lot