John Frusciante Challenge: #3 - Make Hamburger SV Great Again!

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This article is part of the John Frusciante Challenge: 10 Articles in 10 Days. It is named after the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, as he recorded 6 albums in 6 months during 2004.
If you think that this content doesn't make sense, probably you're right! I still hope you'll enjoy it though...

Since I've been working on Aliencoin, I got so many side business ideas that I'm more than glad to give them away. I will never realize these concepts as days are made of just 24 hours, unfortunately... But maybe someone might have the time, the charisma and the madness to turn these ideas into tangible realities.
When the idea is specific, I try to get in touch with the very people who can realize that vision and have all the interest to do this.
That's why I got in touch with the glorious Hamburger Sport-Verein to illustrate how the club might climb again the ranks of German football thanks to the blockchain. I thought immediately about them for paradoxical reasons. They are the oldest club, not only in terms of age, but in terms of how the club is managed, in a very old and inefficient fashion. So they need more than the others to experiment the new, with the additional insurance that in this moment of disgrace at HSV they have nothing to lose...
With a bitter regret, my email didn't even receive a thank you reply. You can judge a company even from these details. Now I'm not surprised that HSV was relegated and I doubt that it will taste success any time soon...
Since this football club didn't even consider my idea, I want to share with you how the blockchain could be applied to football. Please, take a moment and read the exact words I emailed to Hamburg.

The Letter

Yes, I'm weird. That's why on my notebook I scratched a crazy business idea while I was in pure creative trance!
The creative storm in my brain wiped through the great history of Hamburger Sport-Verein, for me the real symbol of German football.
Nevertheless, I must admit in total honesty, that this big club has become trapped by its own past, making it incapable of keeping pace with the future.
The future has been turning into a harsh present more and more each year, until the present turned into the hell of the Zweite Bundesliga, a name unknown t the club short ago.
To change the present of HSV, the club must embrace the future all the way up, with the courage of doing a leap forward where not even the others have ever been...
Only with this brave deed, it will be possible to Make HSV Great Again!
Don't be scared! I'm not suggesting to make Donald Trump the new HSV president!
There is an easier, faster and safer way to Make HSV Great Again!
Now the club is in a position where it has nothing more to lose. This condition is terrible for many, but for the few dreamers is wonderful, because it represents an occasion to start from scratch and think outside of the box. And outside of the box, I really mean outside of the box! Every action translating into a goal starts outside of the box!
So I'm passing you the ball...

What do I want to suggest?

What does the club need now? Funds of course.
What's the easiest way to get funds? Crowdfunding.
What's the most trendy way to do crowdfunding? Through an Initial Coin Offering!
Yes! It's time that even football clubs try this tool. Before saying that this is just a scam, that you don't want to get into any Ponzi scheme and having other negative thoughts, let me explain why Hamburg is the perfect reality to realize such a futuristic project:

  • HSV logo looks like made for the cryptoworld. It's so simple and direct! Anyone could mistake it for a cryptocurrency and this is cool!
  • HSV is still a widely known club, with the romantic charm of a noble fell into disgrace.
  • An ICO is a huge occasion to attract a portion of the huge investments pouring into the blockchain industry.
  • This is the best moment as the cryptocurrency market is boiling again after almost 2 years of sleep.
  • An ICO is a viral marketing for the club.
  • Setting up an ICO is easy.
  • This ICO would bring in new categories of fans, rising exponentially the fan base.
  • Fans will be using HSV tokens to buy tickets for the matches or merchandise.
  • You can restore the historical clock to be synchronized with the ICO! A reproduction will be present in the ICO website as well.
  • After the ICO is ended, the clock could be put for a charity auction.
  • Least, but not last, Black, Blue and White fit so good for an ICO!

You may say I'm a dreamer and for now I'm the only one, but... I tell you that HSV is the perfect bride for the cryptocurrency world. This could be the best business idea ever seen in football!

How come?

Who am I for having erupted such idea? A volcano who during the day works as Quality Analyst at the Stars Group (PokerStars) and during the night invests in cryptocurrency and works to develop his own creature: Aliencoin. For more info about this project you can visit
If you are keen to see my day professional life instead, you can hit me on LinkedIn .
Before even considering my idea however, I suggest you to review it with your compliance office to check the feasibility on the legal side. Unfortunately, Germany is not so fin-tech friendly for now as it's not for business in general.
If the idea can be compliant with the German law, let me know if you are keen to rush for it. If not, I would be curious to hear your valuable considerations anyway.

Thank you for your precious time!

Sport and blockchain...?

Do you really think that a football club should go for an ICO and begin to exploit the capabilities of the blockchain? In what other ways could a football club use such technology?
Put your comments below if you dare!

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