💰 WIN 20 STEEM 💰

in #sportstalk2 years ago (edited)

If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores first in Liverpool v Arsenal match tomorrow, and Arsenal ends up winning the match, I'll give 20 Steem to a follower.

Resteem and Follow to apply

Drop a comment when you do



Very unlikely but I'll support your contest with 5steem. Up the gooners

Done,.task Complet...
Arsenal win....
and Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang
Shot on Goll.....Gollll.....

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang certainly brought victory to Arsenal with his goals

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We'll see

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okay, hopefully the arsenal can show the best game and win

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Ok is already done

FT Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal. Joel Matip scored first and Arsenal ended up losing the match. We'll go again next week. !!!

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