Weight loss 💦 or fat loss? Day 6 of my slimming challenge🏋️‍♀️

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(Today’s meal out with the family)

I tripped over my bathroom scale this morning and suddenly had that curious thought of checking my weight🤪

My weight is last thing I want to focus on during this challenge. For tracking my progress I will be checking my body measurements.

....according to my scale I lost 2kg (4,4lb) in 5 days!! 😱 that’s not even healthy for my hight and current weight! But here is the thing!

In most cases we will experience greater weight loss at the beginning of dieting and more or less in week 3/4 it will slow down!
Scales (when used alone) aren't the best way to track what's really going on inside my body.

4lb loss?
It’s just a water weight and maybe tiny amount of fat.

Let me explain....

During my holiday I was on very high carb diet and most of my calories were coming from ice cream, chai latte, bread, chips, fried fish,pasta, pastries and all kind of things with sugar. I ate very little protein and didn’t drink much water.

What did I do during last 5days?
I reduced my calories from refined carbs by eating less ice cream and other treats, skipped few lattes by making my own at home, I still eat bread but half less and increased my protein intake by probably 60%.

Important note:
Every gram of carbs holds up to 3g of water! So you can imagine how much water I slowly retained by eating excessive amount of food.
Water retention comes not only from refined carbs but also from drinking to much alcohol, eating salty foods and not drinking enough of water.

As soon I started to eat healthier, I have provided my body with just enough nutrients to help release that water. Increasing my activity and water consumption played big role in this process too.
What a great prize for so little effort! The human body is amazing👌

This is also one of the reasons why people on keto lose weight quick and gain so much weight as soon they go back to optimal eating😉

I hope this post will help someone out there😉

So eat your carbs people! Just don’t be greedy like me😁

By the way....
I went to the gym today

Did 11000steps as my cardio💪💪

Went out for a meal with kids and my husband. Now meditation and much needed sleep.

Wherever you are, have a lovely time❤️

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For some reason I couldn’t upload this picture of my workout routine so I am posting here😉

Sounds like you're doing great and your meal prep looks so yummy! I've started to really cut carbs over the last week but I did slip up once or twice lol

Thank you. For me cutting carbs is the easy thing to do, the difficult part is creating long term healthier habits. I think this is because temptations are everywhere😉

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Lol I love bread so much, it's hard for me to give it up! I take everyday thats carb-free as a victory lol so many temptations. I refuse to keep any treats in my house now, its hard some days but its all about breaking the habit for me

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