Two Los Angeles Lakers players tested positive for COVID-19

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It's a sad news that two Los Angeles Lakers players tested positive for COVID-19 virus. The names have not been released. In a statement of Los Angeles Lakers "Following four Brooklyn Nets players testing positive for COVID-19, because Los Angeles Lakers' players were exposed to them during our game against the Nets on March 10, our team physicians and public health officials recommended coronavirus testing for the players. We learned today that two Laker players have tested positive. Both players are currently asymptomatic, in quarantine and under the care of the team's physician. All players and members of the Lakers staff are being asked to continue to observe self-quarantine and shelter at home guidelines, closely monitor their health, consult with their personal physicians and maintain constant communication with the team. The health and well-being of our players, our organization, our fans, and all those potentially impacted by this situation is paramount. As always, we appreciate the support of our fans, family and friends, and wish everyone by this virus a speedy recovery." I think this NBA season is over now, too many players have the virus. It's not just about which players get it, it's everyone. You can't play games until it's contained, which is gonna be awhile. Imagine how many cases would be confirmed if normal people all had access to get a test. I hope and pray that all people in the world have the same privilege of being tested too.



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