Stephen Curry has a big message to fans

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The Golden State point guard superstar Stephen Curry send a message to fans to protect themselves from COVID-19 and he posted on twitter "We all to take responsibility for ourselves and do whatever it takes to #stopthespread. There's a sense of urgency to flatten the curve and give ourselves and the healthcare system the best chance to get through this pandemic. Share this message and let's protect each other!" In the video message he said "What's up, everybody? I know this time is pretty hectic and crazy and there's a lot of uncertainty out there. I just wanted to take the time to encourage everybody to practice social distancing to the best of their abilities. I know that people are in a lot of different situations and a lot of demands from person to person. But as best we can, practice social distancing so we can get rid of the spread of this virus as soon as possible and flatten the curve. Make sure you stay six feet away from people, wash your hands when you going inside, outside as much as you can with water and soap. And we can all come together collectively to stop the spread of this virus. Everybody do their part! I'm doing mine, at home. Me and my family really enjoying family time, but as best you can, social distance yourself. And we can flatten the curve and get rid of this virus as soon as possible. Appreciate it. Stop the spread. Let's do it." Like what Steph Curry said guys, let us be vigilant in this time of pandemic. I hope all of you guys are staying at home and keeping watch of your respective health.


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