NBA: Zion Williamson is the Rookie of the Year?

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The New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson is ten games into his NBA career and is averaging 22.2 points per-game, 7.5 rebounds per-game, 27.4 minutes per-game and 57 percent from the field. I think Ja Morant of Memphis Grizzlies gets the Rookie of the Year being he'll play more games and his numbers are pretty nice especially with Memphis Grizzlies contending for an eight seed in the standing but if Zion Williamson is showing really good statistics there's a possibility that he can win it. Or maybe he's ten games in and shown us why he's deserving of it in just twenty plus minutes. I think averaging twenty points per-game which is in the upper tier of all rookies who have ever won it. Unless Ja Morant completely falls on the second half of the season then he will make it a close race if he continues at this pace. It would be a robbery if he won it over Ja Morrant who played the entire season with consistency. Zion Williamson is balling but Ja Morant was a borderline all-star. History repeats itself. This Rookie of the Year class reminds me od 2012-2013 when Damian Lillard won because Anthony Davis was injured for a good portion of the season and Damian Lillard put up killer numbers and so did Anthony Davis and now it's Ja Morant and Zion Williamson. Your thoughts?



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