NBA: Bam Adebayo wins the 2020 Skills Challenge

in #sportstalk8 months ago


The Miami Heat forward Bam Adebayo is the 2020 NBA Skill Challenge Champion. He joins Dwayne Wade as the only players in Miami Heat franchise history to win the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge. Bam Adebayo has been a absolute beast. As much as you want to listen and believe all the drama surrounding Jimmy "Buckets" Butler, you got to give credit for pushing this group of guys to be the best they can be. After his challenge to Bam Adebayo you can see hiw Bam Adebayo must've felt challenged and been challenged all season. It's so imoressive, even if he had no part verbally whatsoever in their success you have to know that his presence being there definitely pushed the Miami Heat to not be another one of those teams in the media that can have a reason to talk about. Anyways, congratulations to Bam Adebayo for winning the 2020 NBA Skill Challenge.


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