Undertaker's Surprise Comeback To WWE

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Growing up as a little kid, Undertaker was one of the legends I loved watching in WWE (then WWF). Y'all will agree with me that his appearance, entrance and his style of fight earned him the name "dead man".

Undertaker. Official image from WWE

a particular match I can never forget was when he teamed up with Kane to form a formidable tag team called "the brothers of destruction" to take on the duo of Hunico and Curt Hawkins and totally destroyed them with tombstone smacker. The brothers of destruction went on to become one of the most established and celebrated tag teams that WWE has ever produced.

Now let's talk about Wrestlemania: Wrestlemania was like an inheritance to the "dead man" Undertaker. For 21 straight years, he won matches at Wrestlemania back-to-back and even claimed that Wrestlemania was his home - obviously, with the strings of winnings he had, he rose to become the wrestler with the most Wrestlemania championship and was inducted into the hall of fame.

Well, his winning strings met with waterloo when Brock Lesnar showed up at Wrestlemania 30 (XXX) to stop Undertaker's reign. Instead of bagging in 22-0 in his account it left the dead man with 21-1.

Undertaker wins heavyweight title. From Wiki. Author: Badder. CC BY-SA 2.0 license

You will recall that in 21 years in Wrestlemania, Undertaker has beaten the likes of Jimmy Snuks, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Big Show, Giant Gonzalez, Triple H, even Mark Henry (the world's strongest man) and a host of others. Asides Wrestlemania, Undertaker has won every major title in WWE.

When everyone thought that he had retired from active wrestling, he showed up again during a physical assault on the legend Roman Reigns to do his thing - what only "dead men" can do. His chock slam is still very brutal and believe me, he can connect it from any angle.

In my opinion though, having Undertaker back to WWE may be what his fans have ever wanted but it may not be particularly good for him. His style of fight has dwindled a bit and he is way slower than he was last decade, well, age can be blamed for that. Let's hear what you feel about Undertaker coming back to WWE.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at this legendary match by Undertaker. It is actually one of the greatest Undertaker's Wrestlemania's matches.

Video credit: Asif Hasan