September 3, 19: Walking, Relaxing Before Going Back to Work

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Was cold and raining all morning, so I did laps around the did end up clearing up enough later on to get in a short walk. Thinking about a project I’ve been considering for a while...a blockchain based game, just not totally sure Steem is the right blockchain...maybe Neo, maybe Loom. Dunno.


Still pretty overcast when I went out...swung down by the lake. Only a few dibble drops, no big deal. 😁


Yet another day without accomplishing much...did the usual dishes and stuff around the house and then watched some Orange is the New Black. I started making dinner, but the wife is really not feeling well, so I ended up with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Tomorrow it’s back to teaching Trigonometry. 😁

I did bust some zombies yesterday, but posting was a bit sketchy...I’ll include it here instead.


Got my weekly stats again today...first day in over half a year I missed ten thousand. I gotta’ get back into getting out there early.


Average Last 7 Days: 15,403

Lifetime Average: 15,715

10k per Day Streak: 2
Longest Streak: 196


#AutomaticWin Tally: 96
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#TripleTen Tally: 64
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

Highest Floors: 101

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 95%
Satisfaction: 80%
Energy: 60%
Productivity: 40%






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