May 27, 20: AutomaticWin, TripleTen, Zombierun, Chemistry, Teaching, and Games


Up at six and another hour short today. I have a feeling that it might catch up to me pretty soon, but it didn’t today! Instead of napping, I did a lot! 😄

I wasn’t really feeling it when @wenchebakken went out with the dog, so I waited to wake up some and then went out on my own.

I had plenty of time to drill the #AutomaticWin and #TripleTen, and once I was about half way in, I figured it would be enough time to actually do a Zombierun, so I set it for five kilometers, which helped to ensure an honest #TripleTen (kinda’ don’t trust the Fitbit GPS).



I still had long pants and a long sleeve shirt on, but it was pretty toasty by the end. ☀️



The birdies were a little agitated that I was nearby, but otherwise a very peaceful walk.


Today’s zombie mission was a fun one! 😄. We went down into a secret underground Comansis base and found an ancient Viking tomb. There were two mummified corpses of warriors on thrones (one throne was empty) with some kind of probes stuck in their ankles.

The other runner removed one of the probes to take it for research and the corpses sprang to life! Turns out they were zombies still alive after centuries!!! 😱

The zombies running around the base set off the security system and the entire place was incinerated, but we did get a hand from one of them that got cut off by the last door, so we have something to work with. 🙂

Four out of four zombies evaded and mission complete.


In the afternoon I putzed in the garage for a while and got some more wire stripped. I got some muriatic acid yesterday, so it was time to do some chemistry! 🤓

I put the tinned copper in a glass container and submerged it for about six hours. When I tested the outer coating of the coax cable, it reacted violently and completely vanished within a few seconds, so that is clearly aluminum. The other pieces took much longer (slower reaction), so I’m confident that it is tin.

As a result, I have a solution of stannous chloride. I might try another experiment to use electrolysis to get the pure tin crystals to precipitate out. We’ll see.

After using baking soda to neutralize the acid and diluting with lots of water, this is what I ended up with:


I was somewhat disappointed that it appeared to have some sort of dull oxide layer on it (no shiny shiny 😭), but with a light rub with some steel wool, bah blam! It was loverly!! Here’s the before and after:


In the evening I met with the second class on Zoom. There were a few people there, like 15 or so, pretty much everybody came yesterday.

I remembered to eat today (bonus), and had some leftover pizza for dinner, played my Splinterlands quest, and went to bed.

My dCity is basically unchanged for some time now. I didn’t get robbed, though, so another step closer...


Well, it’s been a good stretch there for a solid minute, but I wasn’t able to complete my arena task on Holybread today. 😢


I did get one good win in there, which bumped me back up a little in the ranks. 👍



For my Splinterlands quest today I got three wins without neutral. While it didn’t take me too long, I also haven’t made too much forward progress in a day or two.


I completed the quest in relatively short order remaining in Diamond I with a potion. Not too shabby rewards again today!



I got another legendary and got him leveled up!!! 😃


Proof of #AutomaticWin:


Proof of #TripleTen:


Average Last 7 Days: 18,749

Lifetime Average: 15,921

10k per Day Streak: 64
Longest Streak: 196

Distance on shoes: 462.23 km


#AutomaticWin Tally: 206
#AutomaticWin Streak: 6
Longest Streak: 19

#TripleTen Tally: 98
#TripleTen Streak: 6
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 129
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 5

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 4/4

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 81%
Satisfaction: 87%
Energy: 88%
Productivity: 93%







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