Real Madrid captain asks for respect for current Madrid coach

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Rumors of Zidane's dismissal reached the ears of the Los Blancos captain, Ramos called on all media to respect the current Real Madrid coach by not bothering Real Madrid with issues that could disrupt Real Madrid.

Rumors circulating the dismissal of Zidane because of Real Madrid's fluctuating performance since re-handled by the French coach. During this season, Real Madrid only won three wins, two draws and one defeat.

The defeat of Real Madrid occurred in the Champions league, where El Real was completely demolished by PSG with a score of 3-0, after that match there were rumors of dismissal of Zidane.

On the other hand, Real Madrid are still blunt and have problems with their defense. But Ramos pairs of differences against the issues in circulation, after the match against Sevilla Ramos also talked about the rumor.

"Everything that surrounds Real fills the media cover and newspaper programs and continues to create speculation," Ramos said, as reported by Sportbible.

"In my opinion, talking about other coaches shows disrespect for our coaches. In this case, we have to show it regardless of the results we have achieved with Zizou recently."

"Now, you must remain calm. We repeat that we want to maintain the dynamics of good work and doubt that Real Madrid at this stage of the season will be a crazy thing. Therefore, calm down and trust this team and coach," pleaded Ramos.