Broncos Don’t Trade? Elways Fault Again? *Live Stream*

in sportstalk •  17 days ago 

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Damn. You seem angry.. and I'm only 8 minutes in.. always like that when we lose. I'm not really for real.

I feel your pain.. I'm used to losing #cubfan

Why the flags? Never even communicated with you.. though I do support your mum.

This flag was NOTHING PERSONAL and nothing against your content....I enjoy all different types of steem content. You have delegated steem power to curangel or ocdb who is down voting me and others who don't deserve it with massive amounts of SP. (making this war personal to me and others) This type of "trust" makes this place decentralized because you are giving them YOUR voting power to decide what is right and what is wrong for Steem. I am down voting anyone who delegates to them and anyone who "follows a flag trail" from them and I will continue to do so forever until people remove the delegation from Ocdb& Curangel and spend the down votes and issue flags themselves. If you flag my post, I don't mind one bit, if it was your own idea and under your own free will. I wont tolerate when others get to decide what is good or bad with YOUR steem power. Sorry mate but, I am not gonna stop because they are not gonna stop. This is my only recourse and others just like me feel the same way. If you simply remove your delegation from curangel or ocdb this will never happen again, if you don't....i will be here every single day like the taxman until you do. If you feel what i am doing is wrong, remove your delegation and down vote me every single day under your own free will and i promise you i will never retaliate once. Fair? Curangel & Ocdb will now most likely upvote your post to counteract my flag and you will even come out better in the long run so don't worry. This method of madness is not good for Steem, horrible for Steemit and centralizes a decentralized platform. I am tired or the overlords at Facebook, YouTube and Google. Supporting Curangel and Ocdb is promoting the exact same thing in my opinion.Just think for yourself, that's all i ask people to do.

Your really should talk to @pharesim and sort all this out. It's just causing bad feeling amongst everyone.

I'm here to write, not get embroiled in wars so I have removed the delegation. I won't flag you as I have nothing against you.

This is not going to bring new people in or raise the value of the token, that's what I want.. and likely you too.

I don't want to be on anyone's side.., I just use this place as a method of a creative outlet. Can't we just all get along?

I have tried. I even made a video about it just last should watch it. I agree with you 100%. Thank you for removing your delegation and deciding to think for yourself, Steemit needs more people just like you AND me.

Hi @broncnutz, thanks for the downvote you piece of shit. I don't care about the 10 cents, trust me. The way you behave, talk, look. It just tells me what a low EQ, IQ or any sort of proof of brain, intelligence you have.

Calling others dictators when you do the same shit little wanker (calling you this because your hands look like your piece of shit president). I understand you feel depressed, I would be too if I had bought so much STEEM for that price.
Well yeah, shouldn't have called names here, I think you are a piece of shit. (my institutional right) You dont even remove your downvotes from people who have clearly stated they removed their delegation from @curangel. (Hurts your VP wining bitch?) Remove it if you have balls.

There is 1 point, and I have to give you that one, is on the statement that I, (as a whopping 100SP delegator) can't think for myself. (I checked your outgoing delegations, you have 45 times as much as I have), you checked them all? Do they do a good job with your SP?)

I didn't think of it that way when I delegated to that account. I wasn't around for all the bidbot fun so I don't know what happened here.

Just like @slobberchops I am here for fun, create some blogs and find some ways to make my STEEM stake grow. (just like you, but less obvious) I had never heard of you before and I felt very comfortable in the communities where I hang out. So, for the sake of never have to deal/meet/speak/whatever to you again, I removed my gigantic delegation.

I hope you drip from excitement

Good Point, i actually for got to remove the downvote from @slobberchops, i mean i am human. thanks for pointing it out so i can make it right. As for your post, i down voted for the same reason. Expect me everyday, or just think for yourself and i'll never bother you again.I'll remove your downvote as well if you have undelegated from curangel . Fair?

Check the last paragraph (last block of written content) and the last sentence. Fight it out between each other, I am back to my hood

See ya...sorry it had to come to this.

I removed both of your flags because you are now thinking for yourself and not letting curangel think for you. That was easy right? Was the rest of what you wrote above really needed that bad to voice your concern with me? I am a very reasonable person and I have NEVER been a bully in my life. I will just use Steem Power here to do what i think is best for steem and steemit just like everyone else.


thanks for the 100% downvote!! Strong!! guess you didnt like the streem. its ok though. :) Just glad your not part of that sorry, centralized voting trail from Curangel

Hello my friend!
Here is an upvote for you!
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Hello human.

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hello :)

@broncnutz what is Really important is How the 49er's Continue to put up W's !!!

No kidding!!! They beasting out right now.


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