Out for a Paddle

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Having a chance to rent a kayak with friends and get out on the water is one of my favourite things to do. Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island is a perfect place to do it.

Ocean kayaking-2.jpg

Renting from one of the local places right in the inlet allows you an inexpensive way to get out for the day and tour around. Ocean Kayaking can pose some problems if your not familiar with the water conditions and how the currents flow in the areas you are going but that just part of the fun.

We headed out from Brentwood Bay Marina, north towards Senanus Island which was about a half hour paddle. I've spent a lot of time under the water at Senanus because it one of the best places in the area to dive and see cloud sponges. There is a little beach on the island if you want to pull your boats up and have a rest or a bite to eat.

Ocean kayaking-1.jpg

The waters in the inlet are generally quite come but the waves can be difficult to navigate for inexperience paddlers if the wind picks up. As you paddle around you can see various species of birds but also may encounter harbour seal, sea lions and otters. People have also reported orcas in the inlets as well.

Once we looked around the island we heads south towards Goland Todd Park and Bouchard Gardens. In the summer time on the weekends Bouchard Gardens has fireworks on the weekends. Its busy but its really fun to paddle out in a kayak and watch the fireworks at sunset.

Ocean kayaking-3.jpg

All in total we sent about six hours on the water just paddling around various parts of the inlet. It was beautiful clam relaxing day.

The images are from a GoPro, I didn't take my SLR because I was worried that if I fell in the water I'd loose my gear. I only mention this because I have fallen in before.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you get out for an adventure or two.


For more stories and images - http://www.scottstevensonphotography.ca/

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nice clicks... beautiful sunshine

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Wow... beautiful sports photography. thanks @scottdphotogiphy.gif

As I read it, he took me to his world, full of passion for the adventure that for you is fun, for me it would be terror to see killer whales, seals, sea lions and otters; a fantastic experience, thank you for sharing.

That's very fun! I've done it before! nice picture!

I have photos similar to these, I live very close to the sea and on occasions we get on a boat and we go around the sea or we just arrive at an island to swim and enjoy the beach, those landscapes have no comparison.

So good...

Great you ve had with your friends at the kayak being rolled.up in a fast flowing river. I love such kinda trips as well. Good photography though.

Great you ve had with your friends at the kayak being rolled.up in a fast flowing river. I love such kinda trips as well. Good photography though.

Smart choice to go with a GoPro over an SLR anyway. I think I would literally hold a funeral if any of my cameras fell overboard.

Also, it's a shame you couldn't see an orcas... that would have been awesome!

beautiful pix