Love Letter For Beloved Daughter #2.flower in the weeds

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The weeds that lay out
Wheezing wind and buzzing beetles
The winds of the times have indeed changed direction Until your time will arrive
Never lose your money in vain.

my beloved daughter...
if time has led you to maturity
that is so enchanting. Time changes shape and age tread mature. It doesn't feel, you will become a teenage girl. In front there, the gate of the outside world wide open, ready to welcome you with all tempting and sparkling. Really, release you in the midst of such a lay community against Islamic law, always makes me doubt.
Realizing that the sharp fangs of life are
the gaping is always ready to pounce on you, forcing me to once again remind you. But you also have to stay step forward. Therefore, listen to my message,
O beloved daughter! Pay attention to all the phenomena in all around you that can make you lose to life.
Have you realized it?

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