why Zinedine Zidane resignation from the caoch of Ream Madrid!!!

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IMG_20180601_105943.jpgThe Champions League trophy win still remains in the real camp; Without a thunder in the clouds! Zinedine Zidane announced his resignation from the post of co-chairman. Zinedine Zidane, who has made numerous successes in the last three years. But why did he stand back? Zidane's statement at an emergency press conference can be speculated quite a bit about the reason. 45-year-old Zidane told Real Madrid's president Florentino Perez in a conference in Santiago Bernabeu: "I stepped down as coach of Real Madrid. It's totally my decision. Many people may not understand this, but this is my decision. Time has changed.
In January 2016 Zidane took over as the coach of Real Madrid. Under him a La Liga-Spanish Super Cup, two UEFA Super Cup-FIFA Club World Cups, and three consecutive Champions League trophy, won the Champions League trophy. Zidane said, yesterday I spoke to Florentino and told him about my thoughts and feelings. I know, the news for everyone is surprising. But I think this is the right decision. Speaking about the future of the team, the French legend also said, must be kept in the winning form. But I think, after 3 years there is a change needed. Something different, different messages and everything differently. That's why I decided to move away. I love this club and love the club's chairmanship. He brought me this huge club and I'm always grateful. But I think, now there is a change needed. That's why I'm not staying here next season.

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