The Daily Contest (Sports Talk Edition): Win A Large Upvote Of Sports! (700k) - Your MVP Moment

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Hey everyone,

So the fork happened yesterday and we survived. Woot. I hope this leads to a thriving and growing community but I do want to state now that the downvote pool is a bad idea. It is the internet and very few people use negative tools properly. The downvote pool will probably lead to exclusive behaviour and elitism and will slow down the growth of steemit. I hope it gets reconsidered soon.

But I'm not here to complain. Steem has a lot of potential and so do all these new coins that are popping up. I am close to having one million sports coins and with them I can run my contests with actual good prizes. I will be giving away three full upvotes as well as a couple of smaller ones to people who participate.

In order to win I want you to tell me in the comments a moment in your sporting life that you would consider yourself MVP. It can be from an actual game you were playing or a real cool pool shot you made when no one was watching. Have you lost a lot of weight or scored the winning basket in college? Let me know in detail and I will give you that upvote if you are selected.

The winner will not be picked by the most impressive so don't worry about trying to impress anyone or make a story up.

I will be doing more of these in the future and will be trying to get more coins in different tribes so the prizes will be crazy.

Oh and until the bear market turns into a bull run I will be using links and ads so please check them out. Of course there are no obligations to click on them or buy anything but if you see something you like using my link would be appreciated. If I start to do well I can use the money to increase my voting power and rewards for contests.


(Crypto is a very risky investment and could go to $0, please only trade with money you can afford to lose)


That's really cool. I think one of my greatest sport moments personally is when I first started hitting the gym consistently. I've always played basketball rather half-heartedly, but bringing myself to stick to a serious gym plan to get better at basketball truly was a defining moment of my personal life that really not just made me a better player but also a better person. While I wasn't a conventional "MVP" in any way, I think in that moment I was the MVP of my own life. This act of discipline also had lasting effects on how I conducted myself in other areas of life.

Thanks for this opportunity! Glad that I was able to see this post!

Well, my biggest moment was exactly three years ago from a college intramurals. I was lucky to be included in the line up for our college department's team for basketball.

A little bit of a story, I'm a catch and shoot player - the reason why @korver is my name here in Steemit. I'd love to catch and shoot always, ready to fire. It might be a miss or a basket, but I prefer the latter part.

Anyway, it was when I was hitting great shots. Three in the first quarter (wow), only 1 in the 2nd, 4 threes in the fourth, and two threes in the fourth. Best? The final shot was a three and a buzzer beater for me that ended the match 82-81. Guess who's the MVP? :P

Damn, man. I feel like a hero. It was an amazing feeling. The same feeling like Kawhi Leonard hitting the winning shot against Philadelphia in game 7. :)

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