Johny Hendricks misses weight again. "NO WAY HE'S FIGHTING AT 185LBS NOW"

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Fight Night 112 weigh-ins - Hendricks weighed 188lbs. Now Im a Hendricks fan, but this is just unacceptable. I have lost count on how many times he has missed weight. Not to mention he has moved up in weight from 170lbs to 185lbs.

I was talking to a good friend who is a die hard fan as well and TRT came up. He asked me if I think Hendricks could have been using TRT and I started to wonder. He proceeded to bring up some key factors to think about with a lot of fighters who used to dominate their weight classes.

Once Upon a Time Hendricks was one of the most feared welterweights in the UFC- with scary knockout power. Remember when he hit Kapan with a straight left and knocked him into the next century.

Ohhh man.... that was just brutal. Or how about when he destroyed GSP and left them with two black eyes.

His last Decent fight was when he fought and lost the belt to Lawler.

Now that was back around the TRT ban. And a lot of my other favorite Fighters has not been looking the same - take Vitor Belfort for instence hes another case- he hasn't looked the same.

Now getting back to Hendricks...if your using TRT you can cut weight in just a few days easy and it gives you crazy strength and superior knock out power. And like I mentioned he had the most devistating knockout power in the division and he hasn't knocked out anyone since around the ban...he hasn't even hurt anyone. You can read more on the Ban here.

Now as a fan I'm not accusing him of anything or even seen proof but it's enough to make you think about a lot of the fighters. Tonight's fight he must win and he must win impressively after missing weight by 2 lbs. He is an ex champ and the UFC expects highly of him. So let's see what he does tonight and to all the UFC fans out there comment and let me know your thoughts.


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