SportSteem is BACK! Thank you, SteemSQL and @arcange!

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Learn how to play, here

SportSteem’s pick-tracking services are up and running again! We apologize for the interruption in service over the last week, which was caused by an issue with our backend data feed. SportSteem now utilizes redundant backend services in an effort to improve your experience and prevent similar service interruptions in the future. Shout out to SteemSQL and its creator @arcange for help on that front. Please consider writing in a witness vote for @arcange here.

Also, don’t worry - thanks in part to the immutable Steem blockchain, all of the picks that were made during the service interruption will be tracked, using the odds at the time the picks were made, even if you did not receive immediate confirmation!

We are also pleased to announce that you will soon be able to track your MMA picks with SportSteem! Be on the lookout for further details on MMA tags and instructions on how to track your MMA selections.

This is shaping up to be a big weekend on the gridiron as the NFL regular season comes to a close and the College Football Playoff kicks off. Don’t forget to get your picks in so that you can see how you stack up against SportSteem’s best handicappers!

Check out our tagging system, here


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I thought your return would be great. You guys are great.
Let's continue where we left off.

I'm excited to start tracking with this system!

Quick question: is there a plan to add college basketball? I figure it will be a lot harder or possibly unfeasible due to the sheer number of teams. Just wondering if it's being planned or already decided that it's a no go!

Yes, we're planning to add college basketball! We've been discussing where to draw the line in terms of teams to include, but we're open to suggestions. We'll definitely have March Madness though.

Awesome news about the MMA tracking. Been waiting for that.


Wheuu missed the tracking! Time to get a little hot streak going for some NCAA and NFL games! Im 5/5 in @paradise-found NCAA challenge so time to get back to sportsteem!

@sportsteem just dropping off an upvote on behalf of @echowhale

Thanks you have a new follower now that mma tracking is possible.

That's good news
Thanks for sharing

Glad you guys are back up and running

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