What's next for Tyron Woodley?

in #sports5 months ago

I didn't pay for it but I tried to watch the "highlights" of the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight only to discover that it was 5 rounds of hugging. I have never held Tyron Woodley in high regard even when he was top 5 and even champion in the UFC. He has always been an extremely boring fighter in my mind.

I still would have enjoyed seeing him beat the crap out of Jake Paul though.


After being dropped like a sack of potatoes with a single right hand in the 6th round, Woodley doesn't really have much clout to his name anymore and he gave a pretty great post-fight interview where he pleaded with everyone to "not feel sorry for him".

I'm happy that he said this because I do not feel sorry for him. He did this to himself and hopefully he is able to manage the millions that he got from these 2 Jake Paul fights a bit better than he did with his UFC money.


Tyron has said that he is definitely not retiring but I honestly can't imagine any boxing promotion being interested in him when he lost twice, once embarrassingly to a guy that isn't even a real boxer. The UFC isn't going to be interested in him because he wasn't a draw when he was at the top of his game. If they were to re-sign him now it would invite a lot of laughs from the MMA and combat-sports industry in general. Even Bellator has expressed very little interest in him and honestly, why should they. They have already said that they are not a "retirement league for UFC" and signing Woodley would be the opposite of proving that point.

I think the only options that he would really have would be to go and fight for some minor promotions overseas, maybe Khabib would have him over at Eagle Fighting Championship but I can't really imagine that the money is very good in this extremely small and very local organization.

The only other opportunity I can see would be if he was to get involved with some sort of celebrity boxing exhibitions done by Triller or maybe pit him up against Frank Mir just so we can see if there is anyone in the fighting world that doesn't knock that fool out.


Woodley had some respect in the MMA world when he left UFC, but by engaging in these Paul fights he has completely tarnished his reputation. I hope the millions were worth it and even though I don't particularly like the guy I don't wish him a lifetime of depression and poverty. Since most of the world's population probably never even makes a million dollars in their lifetime, maybe Woodley can be sensible with his finances this time, buy sensible cars and houses and live out his days in relative luxury on his recent winnings.

I can't really imagine a future for him in the fighting world from this point forward. Can you?

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