Baseball is boring on TV but awesome at the events

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I say this as someone that has lived in a large city that has 2 MLB teams and a deep history rooted in a love of baseball. The sport is extremely boring to watch on TV and I don't generally do it. However, I absolutely loved going to the actual games.

Although I don't really remember what years it was but the Chicago White Sox had just moved to a new stadium and it was significantly larger than their old one. I don't know exactly what the capacity of this US Cellular Field is (that was the name at the time) but it is somewhere near 50,000 people which surprisingly isn't even close to being one of the largest fields in MLB.


It certainly seemed extremely huge during the games that I attended and it seemed empty because the Sox, who were not very good that year or years prior, were really struggling to get fans to attend the games. This was probably really disappointing to them because on the other side of town getting tickets to go see the Chicago Cubs play was almost impossible due to unavailability of tickets. The Cubs have a much more devoted fanbase.

During that particular season, going to a White Sox game was easily accomplished for $10 in the cheap seats but attendance was so bad that if the game was televised they would actually encourage fans to move down from the cheap seats close to the front. This is something we took advantage of on multiple occasions. While the action was still very far away from where we were seated, it was still exciting because in a baseball game, it is not necessary that you pay attention to every little thing that happens. When people start to cheer you can pause your peanut-opening operation and turn to see what it is all about. You can't really do this in other sports or you will miss major parts of the game.

Now, despite living in a city that is baseball mad, I would almost never watch the games at home or in a bar because I find it to be extremely boring, I also don't like that a commentator is constantly yammering about this stat or that and while I admire their knowledge of the game and the ability to fill up the airwaves with loads of information over the course of several hours, sometimes I just want them to shut up. This is why going to the games is so much better. I would sit with my friends and discuss things not at all related to baseball and when there was something to see on the field, we would watch it. In baseball, a whole lot of nothing can happen for long stretches of time and it isn't uncommon for games to end with a soccer-like score. None of this really matter if you are there watching the game because you are eating the world's greatest hot dogs and choking down overpriced beer.


It has been written that White Sox fans drink more beer than any other team's fans so perhaps that is why they basically give away the tickets to the games. They definitely make their money on swill, that is for sure.

I think that this "boring on TV but awesome in person" probably applies to a lot of sports if not all of them. I know that I am not a fan of watching many sports on TV but if I go to a game, even if it is a minor league or high-school game, it is a lot more interesting to watch, especially if they serve beer at the games.

I say that baseball is boring on TV but then again, baseball was also one of the only sports that I was never good at, and my household growing up didn't focus on the sport itself hardly at all. We are all products of our environment after all. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that disagree with it being boring on TV but I would imagine that most of those people are North American.

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