SSN BET - NBA: Houston Rockets - Golden State Warriors / 10.05.2019

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 Hi guys!
 On May 11 Houston will meet "Golden State" within the sixth match of the playoffs, and we are ready to submit the forecast for this duel.

Houston Rockets

 "Rockets" dealt with Utah in the first series of the playoffs, however in the second round they were waited by the defending champion "Golden Steyt therefore this opposition was called at once one of central.
 Already five matches behind can also be told with confidence that Houston works not worse than the favourite. Michael D'Antoni's wards lost two starting duels, however moving on the home Toyota arena helped to recover, owners took a revenge.
 In the last forecast of "Rokets" stayed in Auckland and once again Uorriorz, the truth individual actions Stephen Curry imposed fight and Clay Thompson helped "soldiers" to come forward (104-99).

Golden State Warriors

 Warriors began games on elimination from opposition against "Clippers", the truth on left chances to team from Los Angeles though such outcome was quite we predict.
 In a semi-final of the Golden State conference received already more worthy rival, but at once issued two victories that became the real cold shower for the terrible opponent. However the collective did not manage to pressurize "rockets" on departure. An important fifth game Stefan Curry and the company was won (104-99) and are in the lead in a series now.
 "Soldiers" look not so surely, as in last season though the structure practically did not change therefore the club can shoot any minute.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • In last season of "Golden State" beat Houston in the conference final with the score 4-3.
  • Warriors llost two previous exit meetings.
  • "Rockets" won on the home arena of 12 games in a row.
  • On average for the game "rockets" score 116 points.

 "Golden State" works than more weakly last year therefore it is good chance for rivals. On the home Houston arena acts very surely and stamps victories one for another therefore, in our opinion, "rockets" have everything to even the score in a series. In a word, we offer a rate on individual total hosts and their victory.

Houston Rockets - Golden State Warriors 1(-7) with 1,91 for 5% of bank


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