SSN BET - Match of the Day: Switzerland - Belgium / 18.11.2018

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 Hi guys!
 Switzerland still has an opportunity to fight with Belgium for the first place, but for this purpose it needs only a victory.


 The national team of Switzerland quite adequately proves in Nations League and for three rounds scored already six points. In a starting duel Vladimir Petkovic's team crushed 6:0 Iceland, but in a game with Belgians conceded in the second round 1:2, having missed the decisive goal in the last minutes.
 In the third round Switzerland beat Iceland again – this time with the score 2:1 on a visit, having kept thus chances of the first place.


 Belgium very powerfully competed at the World Cup, having taken the third place on a result. After the termination of the FIFA World Cup Roberto Martinez's team continues to please fans with a bright game and results, having won all three matches in the League of Nations. Twice Belgians beat the national team of Iceland with joint account 5:0 and also inflicted defeat over the main competitor for the first line, having changed Switzerland 2:1 on the home field.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Switzerland scored in each of three matches in the League of Nations
  • Only in one of the previous five matches Switzerland could not score into gate of Belgium
  • Only in one of the previous three matches Belgium did not pass

 Switzerland has an opportunity to fight the first place off Belgium, but for this purpose she needs to win today and to do it as it is possible more largely. Swisses in Nations League show very bright and productive soccer with which can quite count on points.
 Belgium is also strong in the attack, but in defense plays not too reliably, than once Petkovic's team could already use, but for a draw it lacked this goal. There is nothing to lose to Swisses therefore there is a sense to wait from them today for the attacking soccer and the scored goals.

Switzerland - Belgium 2 with 2,15 for 5% of bank

Switzerland - Belgium Individual Total Over 1 (1) with 1,85 for 5% of bank

Thanks for your attention!

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