Kiteboarding: Riding a surf board for the first time

in sports •  6 months ago

Water starts

You will perform the same motion with the kite, but your pop up on the board with feel different. It’s actually a lot easier and takes less energy from the kite since the board is bouyant. For the waterstart, have the kite at 12 o’clock and place both feet on top of the surfboard while it is laying flat in the water parallel with the kite. Dive the kit in the direction your board is facing (left or right) and roll straight over top of the board and stand up. Easy peasy.

Position your front foot further forward.

When you first jump onto a surf board something that everyone does is place their front foot too far back. If the board is angled upright in the water you have too much weight back. The tail end of the board should be level with the surface of the water, not submerged.

Direct the board upwind, don’t edge it.

To upwind ride on a surf board you have to direct the angle of the board upwind instead of edging hard like you do with your twin tip. The fins positioned on the back of the board need to all be in the water when riding upwind. If you edge too hard then the fins will not connect with the water and you will lose your upwind drive.

Initiate turns with the kite

As you are getting used to carving turns with your surfboard and preparing too ride in the surf you will need to dial in your kite movements with your board movements. To initiate a carving turn on the surfboard you are going to lead with the kite then follow with the board. Sometimes you need to switch directions quickly when riding a wave, this is why it’s important to have a fast steering kite that will “pivot” in the air allowing you to turn quickly.

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