Goofboard- improve your cross-step and noseriding skills

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Have you been struggling with your cross-step on your longboard when surfing? Do you fall off when you are trying to walk to the front of the board to nose ride?

I discovered an interesting tool for improving your balance about a year ago called the goofboard. You can order it online or make your own.

The GoofBoard is a balance board for surfers. It rides RAIL-TO-RAIL, a motion truer to
the surfing experience. Most balance board designs rely on a rocking motion with a
rolling cylinder placed underneath the board, perpendicular to the length of the board.
The GoofBoard's "pipe" is positioned parallel to the length of the board, thus creating a
motion that feels like surfing.

It’s nice to have the goof board for rainy days when you are getting stir crazy indoors or when you are in the doldrums of the winter season when it is too cold for a session and the waves are no good.

Its fun to bring out in groups of friends that surf or even friends that do not. It's challenging to perfect and hilarious to watch.

One of the additional benefits of using this contraption is that it strengthens stabilizer muscles. All the muscles necessary to execute technical moves while riding a surf board and also when kiting. Having stabilizer muscle strength also helps to protect your body from injury.

If you do not have $170 USD in your budget for the custom goof. Then you can make your own.

To make your own goof board all you need is a piece of plywood and some type of large cylinder. My plywood is a 3/4 in x 2ft x 4ft and the cylinder is a 3.5 in diameter inner part of a spool for landscaping cloth. I got it from my local hardware store for free. Place the plywood on top of the cylinder and practice on a rug for texture to prevent the cylinder from slipping. While “riding” my goof board I have a chair close by to grab a hold of in case I lose my balance. There are tutorials on the Goofboard website to help with learning.

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@ourdailyboard ...
Goofboard is best sport part of life, people can enjoy it while using it in a good manner.

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damn, never heard of this before haha interesting!

Its a nice tool to develop those motor skills before heading out to the waves. Never knew about this before, awesome!