Barcelona wins the first leg of the champions league quarters final

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HI ... Welcome to my blog, how are you today? on this occasion I will discuss the results of the Barcelona VS Man United match in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, the match last night was 1-0 to Barcelona's victory at the Old Trafford stadium.

In the Barcelona VS Man United match it has been going very tight since the first half started, in the 4th minute Man United got a free kick but the execution of Man United player Rashford still deviated on the right side of the goal.

Then Barcelona did not want to lose they launched an attack also finally in the 12th minute Barcelona managed to break into Man United's goal due to an own goal Luke Shaw.

In the 28th minute Man United player Scott Mc Tominay fell after touching Barcelona player Gerard Pique in the penalty box but was very sorry the referee thought it was not a violation.

The first round was over without any additional goals

Then in the second half Man United and Barcelona both took the initiative to attack each other, but until the end of the match there were no additional goals. As a result the match ended with a score of 1-0 for Barcelona's victory. But in my opinion this is not the end, Man United still has a considerable opportunity to beat Barcelona in the second Leg meeting at the Camp Nou stadium next week.
In my opinion that the two teams both still have the opportunity to be able to advance to the next stage, we must wait and see next week

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